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3D Optical Surface Profiler NV-3200 can be used for In-line measurement/inspection with an integrated large stage and automatic system to manage the produce, quality, yield rate.


  • NV-3200 is all in one system with the fast non-contact 3D profiler for all kinds of surface. NV-3200 is used for In-line measurement/inspection with an integrated large stage and automatic system to manage the produce, quality, and yield rate. Large X/Y stage is integrated (300 x 300mm). NanoSystem creates H/W and S/W with its own patented algorithms and White Light Interferometry. It can measure large field of view (500㎟) by stitching function. The patented WSI/PSI technology measures a wide variety of surface materials and parameters, including 2D and 3D profiling of surface texture, form, step-height and more (0.1 nm - vertical and 0.2 um–lateral resolution).
  • WSI(White Light Scanning Interferometry) is the technology for measuring surface area, height and volume with high resolution (0.1nm) and high speed. Without any destruction, NanoSystem’s WSI technology (White Light Scanning Interferometry) can measure samples in few seconds from 0.1 nm up to 10000 µm and provide real 3D shapes of samples. Plus repeatability is lower than 0.1% (1σ) and regardless magnification, Z axis resolution is 0.1 nm. Based on precision of NanoSystem's technology (high accuracy, repeatability, and repeatability), the product can be widely used for various fields such as semiconductor, PCB, display, engineering part, chemical material, optical parts, bio, R&D, and etc.
  • It can provide High resolution (0.1nm), 100,000x magnification (10mm), and High definition image, measure samples in 2 seconds from 0.1 nm up to 10,000 µm and provide real 2D/3D shapes of samples without preparation (simply place your sample directly on the stage), and measure samples of any size and almost any material (1% reflection).
-Copper roughness

Copper roughness

-Film scratch

Film scratch

-MCP unit

MCP unit

NV-3200 Benefit

  • - Integrated large stage
  • - Various analysis function
  • - Semi-automation for Q/C, Q/A, and In-line
  • - User-friendly S/W for measurement
  • - 2D & 3D Multi-functional performance

Main Function

  • - 3D Shape Measurement
  • - Roughness (ISO 25178) & Flatness (option)
  • - High, Depth, Width (from Sub-nano to 10mm)
  • - Area Information (Volume, Area)
  • - 2D, 3D Measurement

Detail Features

  • - 0.1nm Vertical Resolution
  • - Same Z Axis Resolution (Regardless of Magnification)
  • - User-Friendly, Fast Measurement and Interface
  • - Non-destructive 3D Profiling
  • - High Repeatability and Reproducibility


  • Optical Microscope is very popular inspection field but it provides poor resolution, low contrast, shallow depth of field, no support for traceability.
  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) takes about 20min. of preparation (sample processing and deposition) and 25min. for observation (star-up, vacuuming, and observation). Observation may not be possible because of the size of the sample because it cannot fi t in the sample chamber.
  • Roughness gauge makes scratches on samples because of contact with probe and resolution is limited by stylus tip diameter (2um).
  • AFM is well known for very time-consuming and complicated sample preparation. It takes about more than 12 hours. Time is gold.
  • NanoSystem WSI technology can provide High resolution (0.1nm), 2000x magnification (64umx48um), and from 0.1 nm up to 10000 µm with real 2D/3D shapes of samples. It takes about 2 seconds to measure your sample without preparation. Many companies have used Nanosystem’s technology as high priority reference for QC, QA, and R&D